C  Alkaline Batteries

C Alkaline Batteries deliver outstanding performance and reliability. Some major advantages of Duracell and Energizer C batteries includes:

* Dependable
* Long lasting power with up to a 7-year freshness guarantee.
* In addition, they are date coded to guarantee freshness.


C Alkaline Batteries

 C  Alkaline Batteries  
$1.59 USD
C Duracell Alkaline Battery MN1400
 C  Alkaline Batteries  
$0.94 USD
C Duracell Industrial Alkaline Battery PC1400
 C  Alkaline Batteries  
$0.89 USD
C EN93 Energizer Industrial
Alkaline Battery
 C  Alkaline Batteries  
$1.65 USD
C E93 Energizer Alkaline Battery

C batteries are one of the most common kinds of batteries a consumer uses. Everything from remote controls to flashlights uses C batteries. It is important to know your chemistries and be sure to not mix and match different chemistries in your devices so you can get the full power out of your batteries.

  • Alkaline - Standard type, non-rechargable.
  • Ready to Use Low Self-discharge and can be used initially right out of the packaging, rechargable

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